Ovrovo is the name given to a set of hand made glass eggcups. In its design and implementation we start from three basic geometric shapes: triangle, circle and square.

These unique craft eggcups were designed for various uses such as tableware and decoration and are articulated from different pieces stacked together and able to compose many models that suggest the form of imaginary characters. The many possible combinations of shapes, colors and textures of glass, to about 400.000, allow everyone to customize their own eggcup, depending on their creativity.

Ovrovo manufacturing process includes the preparation of glass and thermoformed on molds at temperatures around 800ºC.

Who we are:

Lut Stessens (Lommel, Belgium) and Juan Payá (Alcoi, Spain). We have been working together as craftmen since 1990 when our paths crossed in Faenza (Italy), where we arrived for further ceramic studies. Since then, our lifes and creations have gone together. The initial works were focused on ceramics and later have led to glassware.

We defend the dignity and value of crafts, a skill able to create unique, exclusive and special pieces and endowed with an exceptional value. Goods more and more valued by our global and technological society.

Our products, artistic stained glass, household and decorative items and fashion jewellery combine the latest trend in design with most modern technologies of glass because we understand right now that the triad craft-design-technology is inseparable.

We love what we do and believe in the value of the pieces we carry out. They represent a part of our lifes.